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We hope you are staying healthy and living well.  North Side Audiology Group is now open again and committed to making sure your hearing needs are covered in a safe environment.  We are pleased to follow CDC sanitary guidelines and provide staggered in-office appointments with one-patient in the waiting room protocols.  Appointment choices continue to include in-office, dropoff and telehealth. 
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Staying Connected in Tele-Audiology

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Contributed by Danielle Keller 

What is Tele-audiology?

Tele-audiology is the use of communication technologies like videoconferencing and mobile apps to allow for direct patient care when the audiologist and patient can not meet face-to-face. The concept of remote access to your audiologist is not new, but we are now faced with the challenges of receiving audiology care in more traditional ways. We don't have to sacrifice quality hearing healthcare when we can perform a range of services including hearing aid adjustments, follow-up care, and educational counseling for all aspects of hearing.

Reasons why you benefit?

Social distancing guidelines are focusing on how all types of patients can utilize this type of care in ways we never realized before. The majority of patients tend to require three to six follow-up visits in an office setting. Patients that are interested in more convenient care no longer have to factor in the time or expenses of traveling to the audiologist. Perhaps it is not distance or time that prevents an in-person appointment but physical mobility issues or having to coordinate several other doctor visits all requesting to see you. Also, it is important to acknowledge how poor hearing can further feelings of isolation. In these uncertain times, we need to focus on how we can improve our communication and take advantage of the professionals standing by to help better your hearing. Simple adjustments to your hearing aids, discussing strategies to hearing people at a distance, or demonstrating how to clean and care for your ears and hearing aids are just a few ways to make sure you hear optimally.

How can patients stay connected?

You can contact North Side Audiology Group to schedule a tele-audiology appointment immediately. Your audiologist will speak to you about what tools you need to connect face-to-face on a computer screen or over a mobile phone app. These tele-audiology visits are available for all patients, and can be billed just the same as a regular visit. We look forward to seeing you for all of your hearing needs from the comfort of your own home.