Get your hearing tested!

Why not make the most of your one precious life? Denial of a problem does not make it go away. Consider getting that hearing test. It may just change your life!

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Get your hearing tested!

Studies show that only one out of 5 individuals with hearing loss seek out help.  Yet people tend to delay treatment until it becomes difficult to communicate. Current technology allows better access to phones and hearing aids or personal listening systems.  

According to the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (NIDCD), the incidence of hearing loss in this country is approximately one out of 7 individuals.  Hearing loss prevalence increases to one out of every 3 individuals in the 65–75 year-old range and one out of every 2 individuals in the 75 year old range (NIDCD, 2010).  Studies demonstrate that hearing loss is a widespread health issue globally.  

Human nature allows us to persevere through challenges presented by life whether they are health issues, family affairs or world affairs.  This resilience helps us survive the tough times, but it can also get in the way of seeking treatment for a health issue such as hearing loss if we ignore the symptoms.  

Symptoms of hearing loss include but are not limited to: 

  • Difficulty hearing in meetings
  • Turning up the television or radio
  • Asking for frequent repetition
  • Hearing difficulty when using the phone
  • Hearing difficulty in the presence of noise
  • Ringing or buzzing in the ears

A diagnostic hearing test can be used to achieve better health outcomes with a treatment care plan designed for improved communication.  If a hearing evaluation reveals that soft sounds are difficult to hear, that information can explain why someone needs to turn up the television louder than others or why family members are often misheard during critical conversations.  If the evaluation reflects a more severe hearing issue, family members and/or friends may need to understand that safety is an issue, and that individual may be at risk of being in danger if out alone at night due to the inability to hear a car horn or an oncoming train. 

Having a hearing test when the above symptoms first become noticeable, can provide an opportunity to be involved in the treatment process and allows the fear of hearing loss to take a back seat.  Learning to navigate life with a hearing loss can be a good experience if the result is being able to have less listening fatigue at work, being able to communicate by phone with loved ones, hearing your baby for the first time or being able to communicate with grandchildren more easily.  Why not make the most of your one precious life? Denial of a problem does not make it go away.  Consider getting that hearing test.  It may just change your life!

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