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What our patients have to say.

Life Changing. That's what my ear plugs that I bought from North Side Audiology Group and Daria Popowych are. I can finally walk down the busy streets in Dhaka without cringing at the onslaught of sounds around me. Relief. Finally. Thank you. Best,Billy W.
I have found North Side Audiology Group to be the best provider of hearing services since I started using a hearing aid. They take the time to listen and ask you many questions. They spend a lot of time making sure you have the right aid for your particular hearing loss. I would recommend them to anyone I know who has a hearing problem in a New York minute!Pat Y.
Hear! Hear!
I'm so completely satisfied with my experience with North Side Audiology that I want to encourage others who may have trouble facing their own hearing loss and or finding the right kind of help.
For me, these audiologists are an ideal combination of professionalism and compassion. High-tech analysis and correction of my hearing loss has always been offered with skill and sensitivity. From my first tiny, completely-in-the-canal hearing aids to the much higher amplification now required, I have received the best hearing programs, at the best prices, each step of the way.
Most importantly, my satisfaction is the bottom line here. Sometimes that means repeat visits, at no additional cost, to adjust the instruments or fine-tune the settings. Sometimes it requires sending an instrument back to the maker for needed corrections. Sometimes consulting on the phone with manufacturers' designers about technical issues. Even arranging for a manufacturers' rep to meet with me in the North Side office for a fuller explanation of what's behind today's technical wizardry, and a look at what tomorrow's technology may offer. Joan N.
I had the good fortune of finding North Side Audiology Group, Inc. when I needed new hearing aids.
Their location was ideal and had parking. The personable and professional Audiologist gave me a detailed exam, hearing test, and demonstrated a variety of hearing devices explaining how they worked and their capabilities. Because of my specific hearing loss she then showed me an excellent quality device which could be adjusted digitally as my needs changed. She is knowledgeable and caring and has remained my Audiologist for years. North Side Audiology Group is devoted to giving the best possible service for all hearing needs.June P.
“I have been a patient of North Side Audiology Group for over 10 years and have had the best experience. Daria & Dede are the most professional, patient and kind Audiologists I have ever worked with and I have seen audiologists all my life. North Side has offered me a variety of choices for better hearing over the 13 years I have been a patient and has always kept me informed of the latest technology. My experience with this team has been life changing due to the endless hours they have worked with me to provide the best options for my particular hearing loss and as a result, I can enjoy my life with balanced hearing. The staff is friendly and always accommodating & flexible to my appointment needs. Definitely recommended!”Sarah R.
To all who want to know. Wes and Dede are two great God sent people. They take time with each patient and explain things over and over until they are sure you understand. There’s always a smile when Wes greets us and makes sure we have a seat, then always asks if we want coffee etc. Dede is always smiling when she welcomes you into her office. She’s always in good spirits and makes you comfortable before she gets started then she puts your hearing aid in and makes sure you can hear with it. Then she explains and shows you how to clean it and how often. She is always open for questions. We can’t say enough for the two of them. My Husband Isaac and I thank the world for them. They brought sunshine into our lives. (We can hear each other very well now.) Thank God for them and our hearing aids. Also for North Side Audiology Group. P.S. We tell all our friends about them. Rachel H.
After my first visit I left with a warm fuzzy feeling. Yes, you read it right. Warm and fuzzy. See, before I entered I was caught up in anxiety about the results reached in my hearing test. What if this? What if that? BUT right at the door was Wes welcoming one. Nice smile. Dr. Dede was so easy to relate to. She’s very easy going and VERY knowledgeable. Dr. Daria was a pleasure to meet. I look forward to my visits. They’re my friends. Florence D.
I have worn numerous hearing aids in the years past. They have been frustrating to wear, uncomfortable and hard to hear others. However, when I came to North Side these challenges disappeared. The customer service is number one. The hearing aids I wear have made a tremendous difference in my life. They are comfortable and molded to my ears only. Hearing others is not an issue due to the technology with the hearing aids. Taking time to help me learn and adapt to the use of the hearing aids was most appreciated. I love my hearing aids and encourage others to take the first step in a change that will last a lifetime. Thank you.Nancy T.