Hearing Aid Evaluations

Hearing Aid Evaluations

Hearing Aid Evaluations

What to expect during your hearing aid evaluation appointment:

If the audiologist recommends prescriptive hearing aids, a hearing aid evaluation can be scheduled. During this visit, the audiologist will provide testing in order to select the most appropriate hearing aids for you. There are many hearing aid styles that include behind the ear and custom hearing aids. North Side Audiology Group dispenses brand name hearing aids from all of the hearing aid manufacturers in order to supply our patients with a wide variety of options.

The hearing aid evaluation includes:

·        A review of your hearing test results.

·        Informational counselling regarding your ear anatomy.

·        Speech in noise testing (measures that include testing to determine          how you hear when in noisy situations)

·        Dynamic range testing.

·        An evaluation of your manual dexterity.

·        A questionnaire to determine communication goals.

These measures will provide the audiologist with the information needed to make a recommendation as to the style and technology that is most suitable for your needs.  


Please do not hesitate to call us if you have any questions regarding the hearing aid evaluation appointment.  Our number is 773-777-3277.  

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