Healthy Hearing Tips to Protect Your Ears

Many people wonder if there are ways to protect their ears and help them to hear optimally. By taking these extra steps, you can set yourself up for success by protecting your ears in the following ways.

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Healthy Hearing Tips to Protect Your Ears

Wear hearing protection in noisy situations

Hearing protection like earmuffs, foam earplugs, or custom earplugs tailor made for your unique ears are of utmost necessity when you find yourself in extreme noise. Industrial noise like a repair shop or a factory is an ideal place to use protection. Attending a concert or listening to loud music can lead to hearing loss over the course of time. Exposure from very loud noises like blaring music or a loudspeaker may cause a sudden hearing loss that could be permanent. Attending a church function or going to a restaurant can be places with unwanted background noise. If you are less than a foot away from your intended audience and you have to raise your voice, then this is a good indication that the background noise is at a dangerous level to listen to for an extended period of time.

Eat healthfully and exercise regularly

Most people know the food we eat affects our bodies in significant ways. A poor diet as well as lack of exercise are risk factors for high blood pressure, diabetes, or balance issues. Making good choices in the kitchen promote a well-balanced diet that ensures a healthy body and ears too! Your ears are comprised of a vast blood supply, and we know exercise plays a direct roll in increasing blood flow. The exercise you do does not need to be strenuous or physically exhausting to gain benefits to your hearing health. Simple stretching, walking around the block, or meditation where you focus on soothing sounds can all increase the blood flow to your ears.

If you have hearing loss, wear your hearing aids daily

Your audiologist will fit your hearing loss with appropriate hearing aids that improve hearing everyday conversation and sounds you have been missing, such as birds chirping or your doorbell. By wearing hearing aids consistently and stimulating your hearing centers, you can slow the progression of hearing loss. In other words, untreated hearing loss is directly linked to accelerated hearing loss. On average, people tend to wait seven years before seeking treatment for their hearing loss. Don't let this be you.

How can North Side Audiology Group help you?

As audiologists, we routinely assess the type of noise you are concerned about and fit the appropriate type of protection. We can create custom hearing protection that is discreet, comfortable, and makes a difference in your long-term hearing health. We are always available to discuss your concerns about noise exposure and offer additional tools to maximize your hearing with hearing aids. Healthy hearing is happy hearing!

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